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FORM BUILDER PRO - up&running web forms on the fly
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Form Builder Pro


Online Service

* User-friendly interface
* WYSIWYG Form Editor
* Automatic configuration
* Attachments up to 25Mb
* Preset fields
* Hosted on our side
* Storing data to our MySQL
* Forms hosting option
* No technical requirements
* Email harvesting protection
* Auto responder
* HTML and plain text emails
* Preview page option
* Thank you page option
* Calculations


Product Overview

Have you ever been thinking how to add great-looking web forms to your site?

A solution you might be looking for is right here: Form Builder Pro - visual web form builder with hosted form processor. Since Form Builder Pro is an online service, you don't have to care of installation and technical compatibility issues. Register an account and use it!

With Form Builder Pro you can easily create web forms of any complexity and in any language from the scratch. It includes a visual tool that generates any forms you like, and a hosted form processor, which makes your web forms working in a few seconds.

Contact forms, order forms, feedback forms, forms with calculations, simple shopping carts, online polls, online forms with attachments, dependency forms, multiple pages forms - this is just a short list of what you can create with Form Builder Pro without any programming needed. Moreover, Form Builder Pro will web forms can be featured with auto responder, forms data can be sent to any amount of email as a common CC or BCC copy, stored to CSV file or to the MySQL database. Both HTML and text email format is available.

Finally, the Form Builder Pro service is really cheap. Check the price list and you will be nicely surprised.

Form Maker Pro


Form Suite

Form Maker Pro is a standalone script for creating and processing web forms. Just install it on your server and have WYSIWYG form generator together with form processor at your disposal.

Product Overview

Looking for an application to easily make web forms? Give a look at Form Maker Pro, a powerful yet affordable web form generator with formmail (form processor).

Form Maker Pro is a standalone application which has to be installed to your server once, and then you can start creating various web forms with a visual tool. In addition, all forms will be automatically processed with a formmail script included in Form Maker Pro.

Owing to its user-friendly graphical front-end, Form Maker Pro is easy-to-use even for a beginner internet user. Using Form Maker Pro means no more programming needed to create and adjust web forms.

Form Processor Pro


Form Mail Script

Order Form Processor Pro and pay only for processing web forms not creating them. Form Processor Pro is available in PHP, Perl and ASP versions

Product Overview

Form Mail: Email Form Processor Pro will process all web forms on your site, sending information from web forms to specified email accounts. Form Processor Pro is an excellent formmail solution hosted on web site. It perfectly works with feedback and inquiry forms; contact forms, order forms, both simple and complicated forms. Secure and spam-proof, featured with auto responder, preview and thank you page, it supports user attachments and database storing; calculations; html emails sending; and many more features. Form Processor Pro finely works with complex shopping cart forms with multi pages form, logs, and checkout features.

In addition, with this form-to-email script you can process unlimited amount of web forms. It's easy to install and customize. Over 3000 happy clients use Form Processor Pro on their web sites. Give a spin to this great product now!

IT Help Desk Software

Helprace is an IT help desk software that offers a scalable community built for accommodating your user base and guiding customer communication.


Customer Quote

I want to commend your programmers on an absolutely superb job. They have obviously done their homework and created a product that blows the competition away. Scripts that work, are flexible in their application, and don't require a programmers background to implement and install. I only wish I had found you folks sooner and not wasted so much time downloading and testing inferior scripts. No doubt the word will get out as more and more people will be looking to Web-Site-Scripts.com for their form processing needs

Tom Ferris, Designs & Desktops, USA

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